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    Company Overview


    Artist management, production and PR international company.


    - 音楽制作全般
    - 国内、及び海外向けプロモーション
    - イベント
    - デザイン

    - Music (Production, artist management, composition/lyrics writing, arrangement, recording, CD press&release);
    - PR (International press campaigns, publishing, consulting, SNS, press relation, presskits and conferences);
    - Events (Concerts booking, event management and production, logistics);
    - Design (Professional photoshoots, graphic design, webdesign).


    HIGHFeeL (ハイフィール)はかねてよりあったHIGHFeeL JAPAN (ハイフィール・ジャパン)とHIGHFeeL Europe (ハイフィール・ヨーロッパ)を統合し、2013年に設立されたプロダクション。アーティストのマネージメントのみならず、制作、流通、プロモーションを 一貫。更に、日本のみならず、ヨーロッパにおいても様々なイベントをプロデュースし、国際的なマーケットを視野に入れ活動してゆきます。

    HIGHFeeL was born at the end of 2013 after HIGHFeeL Japan and HIGHFeeL Europe decided to merge activities and unite their skills to become a complete and international management agency, active in artist management, press and public relations, music production, events.


    • 2011年、Shota YokoyamaがHIGHFeeL JAPANを設立。
    • 2013年、ヨーロッパのツアーマネージメント会社Ramen Events (ラーメン・イベンツ)との協業を開始。
    • 2013年11月、Ramen Events代表Aurelie Vandecasteeleによってハイフィール・ヨーロッパを設立。
    • 2013年12月、ジャパンとヨーロッパの2社を統合し、HIGHFeeL (ハイフィール)を設立。

    • 2011: HIGHFeeL Japan was created by the Producer and Guitarist Shota Yokoyama.
    • 2013: First collaboration with the European management/booking agency Râmen Events.
    • 2013, November: HIGHFeeL Europe was created in EU as a sister company of Râmen Events.
    • 2013, December: Merger of the 2 agencies.
    • 2014, November: creation of REALive, booking and events division
  • Our concept

    Emotional intelligence

    HIGHFeeL, international management and promotion agency, wishes to create a strong and close relation with each selected artist. From the beginning of the creative process to the final promotional campaign, HIGHFeeL supports talents without border, limit or even gender.

    100% open-minded, sensitive, empathic.

    Thanks to a small but multi-talented, multilingual and skilled team, HIGHFeeL can guide artists in their research of emotion, providing them all the necessary tools to grow up in their own scene.

    FeeL Good, Go HIGH.




    FeeL Good, Go HIGH - モチベーションをフルに、志は高く

    FeeL the Team!


    Official website

    Shota YOKOYAMA:


    Producer, director, artist manager, he's also and at first a musician, composer, guitarist and writer. With his talent and skills, he's absolutely in position to accompagny any artistic career.


    プロデュース、ディレクション、マネージメント。 自身アーティストとしてのキャリアを生かし、ミュージシャン (ギタリスト)、作家としても活動。



    Co-founder/International relations

    Journalist, public relations, event planner. Graduate in communication studies (PR/journalism...), 10 years experience in professional media, she's the founder and CEO of an event planning agency active all over Europe since 2007 (Râmen Events).






  • Music


    Neosexual rock duo from Tokyo, Japan, ADAMS performs all over the world (Europe, Russia, Latin America), and spreads a message of universal love.

    Official Website


    Unique Asian pop unit (Japan, China, Korea), SAGA erases the borders and offers an explosion of sound and color.

    Official Website



    Ryota Sakai

    Photographer and movie director from Tokyo, Japan. His first international exhibition took place on March 14, 2014, in Paris, for HIGHFeeL launch party.

    Ryota Sakai is in charge of all the promotional works of the band ADAMS (photos and video), but he's also active for TV programs, commercials, in Japan.

    Official Website








    HIGHFeeL is always looking for new artists. Your age or genre doesn't matter, please feel free ton contact us.

    Application method

    Send some mp3 sound files + your profile (photo required) to info@highfeel.jp.

    ※ In your profile, please specify your name, age, address, contact.

    ※ Minors must provide a parental written consent.


    - Please understand all physical material you provided will not be returned.

    - Please note that we can not answer all the inquiries.




    HIGHFeeL launches their booking and events division: REALive

    HIGHFeeL, as a production and management company, just created a new booking and events division called REALive. HIGHFeeL and REALive offer a complete range of services for artists and bands! As their first collaboration, REALive booked the Korean rock band "The Solutions" in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands!

    More soon on www.realive.be

    SAGA in Europe with HIGHFeeL: tour and CD!

    HIGHFeeL produced SAGA's first European Tour this fall! The great Asian electro-pop Unit rocked EU (Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Poland)! Thank you everyone for the amazing support!


    Find our artists CD's


    ADAMS' CD's and Ryota Sakai's high quality printed photos can be purchased online on our store. Feel free to check it out!


  • HIGHFeeL Launch Party in Paris

    HIGHFeeL was successfully launched in Paris, at the Art Gallery Mister Lo, on March 16, 2014. We want to thank our artists Ryota Sakai and ADAMS for their presence at this event, as well as all the journalists and people who came to Paris!

  • Contact

    We work from Tokyo, Japan and Belgium, Europe. You can contact us in Japanese, French or English. / 弊社へのお問い合わせはこちら: e-mail


    If you are looking to book our artists, or for any collaboration, article, interview, feel free to contact Aurelie, our International PR.


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